CEO Messsage

CEO Messsage ceo messsage ceo messsage

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to review and evaluate our company’s performance. As it is known to all & sundry the economy is going through oscillation in the last couple of years, therefore, out of box solutions are essential to stabilize the financial sector which needless to say that it plays a very important and vibrant role in economic growth.

However, it is only possible when wide ranges of products are designed and available to meet the risk appetite of the client. We put our best efforts to minimize the risk attached to the portfolio through our quality services that makes trading efficient and inviting.

At Javed Iqbal Securities Limited, we are investing our accumulated experience and utmost diligence to provide high quality services to satisfy all your securities trading needs For investors, we believe this is an ideal tool for trading in stocks and bonds markets, where our research desk provides both fundamental and technical research along with the market statistics.

For us at "JISPL" customer service is highest priority and this belief has led us to recruit a talented and enthusiastic team that is experienced in securities market operations to provide quality customer service. I earnestly hope that we will be able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.