Investor Grievances

Investor Grievances investor grievances investor grievances

Investor Rights

Investors have following options if they want to lodge a complaint against a broker:


1 - Resolution by directly contacting the member

It is more effective and efficient to try and resolve the problems directly. However, if the broker and the customer are unable to agree to amicable resolution, then customers can seek arbitration.


2 - Arbitration Committee of Stock Exchange

Customers have the alternative of referring their unresolved matters to arbitration with the committee of Pakistan Stock Exchange.


3 - SECP

Customers have the option to lodge a complaint with SECP electronically or by filling and sending the form to SECP at:

Fraud Investigation Unit - FIU
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, 
NIC Building, Jinnah Avenue, 
Blue Area, Islamabad.


4 - Lodge a Complaint

All the links to Lodge Complaints are Given in Investor Portal

Investor Grievances

Pending Investor Complaints

There are no pending investor complaints outstanding.


Penal Actions

There were no penal actions taken by the Exchange or SECP during the last three years.